Anti Virus and Anti Malware info

Anti Virus and Anti Malware Protection


As you know we are constantly bombarded everyday with emails and web pages containing bogus attachments that want to steal your login info, encrypt your hard drive and charge you a ransom, or turn your machine into a bot.

Spend enough time on the internet and you will get infected or fall for something you shouldn’t. We all have, even me.

Virus vs Malware?? What’s the difference? Do I need protection from both?

The term is pretty much interchangeable now. A virus is malware, malware is a virus. We won’t dive any further down that rabbit hole. One solution will work for both.

Norton? McAfee? Kaspersky? The garbage that came with my machine when I bought it?

So, what should you use? Honestly, whatever you want. I have my personal opinions and experiences, and yours may differ.

I will never install a Norton or McAfee software suite on any of my personal equipment.

The main reason behind this is the amount of bloat both of them install on your machine and the incredible amount of resources each needs to run. Have an older machine that is running slow? Got Norton or McAfee installed? Remove them. Welcome back to a usable computer.

The second reason is that neither Norton or McAfee are overly reliable when it comes to detecting Malware.

What about Kaspersky?

It is perfectly fine. I personally think they offer a better product than either Norton or McAfee, but I still don’t use it.

What do I use and recommend?

I am a die hard fan of Malwarebytes. Https:// I believe that the level of protection they offer and amount of system resources used make it the best available option. We run Malwarebytes on all company owned assets. I run it on all of my personal machines as well as my parents machines.

You can install a 30 day trial if you want to test it out, but it is worth the price. It is still less that either McAfee or Norton.

What is I just need to cleanup some popups and weird search engines in my browsers?

Well, I use a tool called ADWcleaner to do this. It is the best. So much so that Malwarebytes actually bought them.

You can download ADWcleaner from them here:



No amount of software can make up for common sense. If it looks like a scam, smells like scam, tastes like a scam, it is probably a scam. The IRS won’t call you!! Microsoft won’t call you!! UPS won’t send you an email unless you added a tracking number to your UPS account!! No one in a foreign country needs your bank account info to send you millions!! Amazon doesn’t give out $50 gift cards thirty five times a day, even though I get that many emails saying my gift card is waiting!!



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